mandag den 23. juli 2012

Phantobra - The Game - The first post.

A few months ago I decided to start out on a journey into the world of Game development. With me I brought the desire to make a game, and some basic understanding of C#.

Now a few months later, the project has become more than I've ever hoped for. It still isn't much, but for me it's a huge step.

About the Game
So the game I am currently making is heading in the direction of a Terraria clone. This is all something I’ve planned from the beginning. In the end I am hoping to end up with a mixture of Terraria, Lemmings and Kingdom of Keflings. This first post on my blog will not be very long and detailed; since it would take ages to cover everything I’ve done until now. But when I encounter future obstacles I will be posting about them here.
Here are my two first videos. If you watch them both you can easily see the progress I’ve made over the course of a month.

The first Video

The second Video

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